We provide affordable Luxury services with flexible payment solutions

Who are we?

Luxe made its debut in 2019 when one single belief brought LUXE’s founders together - LUXURY affordable for everyone. Be it TRAVEL, LEISURE or LIFESTYLE.

One of Maldives’s fastest growing start-ups, LUXE touches the lives of Maldivians every day via a range of diversified services and products including high quality home and personal care, luxury services and products that enrich lives, empower businesses and makes a positive contribution to the nation’s development and economy.

Our fundamental corporate aspiration has always been to upgrade the lifestyle of Maldivians by offering luxury services and products that provide our nationwide customer base the best quality at an affordable price. Our investment in sectors ranging from travel to leisure and healthcare have continued to grow, keeping in mind future ready innovations, conveniences and comfort demanded by our fast evolving customer base.

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Our Products

We exist to upgrade the lifestyle of Maldivians by offering Luxury services and products at affordable prices and flexible payment options.

Travel Now Pay Later Scheme

Time to spend less time dreaming of saving up for your next trip and spending more time exploring the world and making great memories. Passionate with the idea of empowering the travelers with best hassle free travel deals

LUXE Travels & Leisure

Travel with Luxe offers a wide range of unique and memorable Maldivian experiences. From world renown LUXURY resorts to the truly cultural experiences of local tourism, our portfolio the true essence of Maldivian hospitality.


From conceptualization to execution, we create beautiful and timeless weddings. Zawaj is a platform for all wedding needs in one place- Cost and beyond.

Epic Shelter

A steamlined renovation platform to design, plan, build and pay --- all in one place.


Behind The People

It is a long established fact that create category leading brand experiences a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Hanan Saeed

General Manager

Shadhya Adeel Jaleel

Sales & Reservation Executive

Aishath Zeen Shiraz

Reservation Coordinator


To help all our consumers and stake holders livejoyfully to celebrate and elevate all themoments that makeup life through aportfolio of products and services that delights inits utilitarianism, to define a more robust versionof healthful life. To champion a more inclusiveworld that celebrates equal opportunity.As we are in the second year of our progress inachieving our vision, our journey has been adynamic one, it was a year of strongperformancein enriching the lives of all whom we touched.This year saw the exploration ofnew possibilities and have opened doorstowards several new prospects.

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We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with faucibus sapien odio measurable results.

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